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Quinns of Glasthule - Funeral Condolence Book


Book of Condolence (Condolence Book) where people may record their condolences after a death of a loved one, family member or friend.


When closed, the books are given to the relatives of the deceased. Reviewing a condolence book may help grieving relatives come to terms with their loss.

The use of a Condolence Book to document the messages for grieving families has been established for hundreds of years. The Condolence Book or Book of Condolence is a record for people to leave their sympathy following a death. Once the Condolence Book is ‘closed’, it is given to the grieving family members and some say gives solace and aids the process of grieving.

Condolence Books for notable or famous figures are usually open to the public and once ‘closed’ can sometimes end in a museum for exhibiting. With the evolution of the internet and digital technology the use of ‘online’ condolence books has become more widely accepted for people to write their thoughts and compassion to the bereaved family. Here at Quinn’s we offer an Online Condolence book. Please write your condolence message, and we will pass it on to the family. Please fill in your details below so we can include your message to the required Condolence book:

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