Prepay Funeral Planning

Funeral PrePayment Planning

Here at Quinn’s of Glasthule Funeral Directors, we believe that our many years of experience empowers us to help with funeral expenses and grants us the privilege as being excellent Funeral Planners.

Funerals can sometimes be an unexpected expense and if you’ve been the main income earner or provider in the home, you may feel that prearranging your funeral along with prepayment will help your loved ones to cope with your loss.

It is a morbid thought to know that you or someone in your care will die, but knowing that the funeral arrangements are taken care of and that the funeral is paid for can make it more bearable.

To begin the process, an appointment is made with one of our experienced staff and we will discuss with you a prepayment funeral plan along with any specific funeral requirements you may have. This can be the type of funeral, i.e. a minister lead funeral, cremation with a humanist chaplain or a secular cremation. We will also talk over with you the coffin and burial arrangements.

If you would like to consult with family members or have them at the prepay funeral meeting, we at Quinn’s of Glasthule Funeral Home can accommodate their presence.


Contact us to talk about prepay funerals.