Hearses & Limousines

Our Hearses & Limousines Fleet together with our highly trained chauffeurs will provide you with a dignified and professional service.

Quinn's of Glasthule Funeral Home Hearse Quinn's of Glasthule Funeral Directors Limousines & Hearses Hearses & Limousines provided by Quinns of Glasthule Funeral Home


Quinn’s of Glasthule provide Hearses & Limousines. The Limousines can accommodate up to seven passengers.


Our limousines, should you decide to have one, will collect you from your home or designated address/addresses and are available for the duration of your funeral ceremonies. After the cemetery / crematorium, the limousine will bring you (the family) to your choice of location. If you have arranged a reception after the funeral, this is where the limousine car will drop you off. Should you require, we can arrange for the driver to wait and bring you home.


We will discuss with you how many limousines you require (if any) during your funeral planning meeting.


In the past the Funeral Hearse was a horse and cart Depending on the financial status of the bereaved family the cart may have been as little as a crude flat bed used to cart the local farmer’s produce and for the more wealthy a glass covered carriage was used to carry the coffin to the funeral and cemetery for burial. Limousines were not used until much later in the 20th Century. The tradition of the congregating mourners walking behind the Funeral Hearse is sometimes still employed today.


Contact us to discuss your arrangements.