When planning humanist funerals, you’ll find that the process is different to arranging a religious funeral ceremony.

When it comes to planning a non religious funerals, while you don’t require a clergyperson it is advisable to have an officiant‎ to oversee the humanist funerals service. Quinns Funeral Homes Dublin - Humanist Funerals

The team at Quinn’s Funeral Homes Dublin will help by recommending a celebrant to look after the humanist funeral service. We will then introduce you to your chosen minister who will discuss with you the proceedings of a humanist funeral ceremony.

The humanist funeral service will entail a selection of musical pieces, a eulogy and if requested some of the attendees speaking. While religious readings from the bible are not required, cherished poems of the deceased or family members may be included in the service.

The family can govern the outline funeral plan and the humanist minister will help by guiding the family on chart the order of ceremony.

The Order of Ceremony for Humanist Funerals can differ depending on if the funeral service is for cremation or burial. Again this is something that Quinn’s Funerals and the elected humanist minister will instruct the family on.


Burial Humanist Funerals

In lieu of Bible Readings, humanist funerals can contain extracts from books cherished and significant to the deceased and their family and friends. Poems and anecdotes are also encouraged during the humanist service.

As an alternative to religious hymns, the deceased may have instructed the family on their favourite musical styles be they classical, jazz, modern any genre is acceptable. For the humanist funeral service, the family should have good quality copies of their chosen musical tracks ready for the assistant to play at each appropriate point in the funeral ceremony.

During the planning stages the humanist minister and bereaved family will have laid out an order of service and copies can be supplied to the assembled mourners.


Cremation Humanist Funerals

There is a slight difference between a burial humanist funeral and cremation humanist funerals, not just the location but the order of service can very to a degree.

These stages will be explained during planning meetings with the humanist celebrant and the family. If the family have any queries that the celebrant can’t cover, the undertaker will be available to assist that family when necessary.


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