PrePlan Funeral Service

Q: Can I have my funeral paid for before I die? Is it possible to Preplan a Funeral Service?


A: This is possible. We can take your requirements and base the quotation on current prices. This has become more prevalent nowadays, helping to ease the pain of loss and enable the loved one’s family members to begin the healing process.


Funerals can be costly and sometimes the expense of a funeral can be daunting to family members, especially when someone has died unexpectedly. Pre-planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one can help to save some of the financial burden and costs of a Funeral Service.
Pre-planning your funeral is also about ensuring that you receive the service you wish and takes the burden off of family member’s at a difficult period of grief and mourning. If you preplan your funeral, you can be assured that the service is carried out the way you wish from the coffin selection, the funeral ceremony whether you are looking for a religious or non religious service and if you wish to be buried or cremated. Also your choice of music, poems, readings and speakers. We will discuss with you what you would like for flowers, donations, if a graveside ceremony is required or tree planting ceremony and burial plots.


When you pre plan a funeral service with Quinn’s Funeral Homes Dublin we will talk you through the options available and budgeting costs. Preplanned Funeral Services can be paid completely in advance or in monthly payments.

A copy of your funeral services details can then be attached to your will and left with a nominated family member or your solicitor.
For more information on preplanning a funeral service or to make an appointment to meet our helpful staff, please call your nearest Quinn’s Funeral Homes Dublin office or fill in our contact form.


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